"Screentone" is an adhesive backed, semi, transparent film with various patterns and textures printed on them.

You can cut this film to apply to your artwork to create shades, gradation, patterns or even entire backgrounds (ie: trees, sky/clouds, etc).

Because of this film's transparency details beneath, such as black drawing lines, will still show through (although in varying degrees according to the pattern on the "tone" overlay).

Because it uses a wax glue you can easily, apply, remove and reapply tone.

More Special Effects with Tone are:

- Lay one tone on top of another (great for custom patterns).

- Shaving some of the pattern from the tone surface with a cutter knife or ink eraser (create light effects, highlights, etc.).

- Draw on tone with opaque white ink (create high lights, etc)


What does '60L/40%' mean?


This number tells you how many dots there are lined up per inch of screen tone pattern, 


ie: 30L=30dots lined up per inch. 40=40dots lined up per inch and so on.

Therefore the higher the number of dots, the greater the density and the heavier the effect of the tone.


You will also notice a percentage is given.

This tells you what percentage of a given area is taken up by dots.


ie: if it is 40% then, in a given area, the dots if gathered together would fill 40% of that area.

    (*Line density is indicated by line thickness.  ie: 'mm')

A simple rule of thumb:     The higher the percentage, the higher the density.



The 'L' numbers are particularly important when mixing tones.

Always mix tones with the same 'L' number.


eg: 30L with 30L.  NOT 30L with 50L, otherwise this will result in a Moiré effect (criss-cross pattern).


The percentages can be mixed freely.

eg: 30L/20% with 30L/40%

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